With the shootings and the times we live in today, I am reminded of a column written by Sidney J. Harris for America’s 1976 bicentennial titled, “Our Real Failure.”

Harris, an American journalist and syndicated columnist, wrote, “In all the scathing criticisms that the Communists make against capitalist society  they never put their finger on the one just accusation that can be leveled against us. The big failure of capitalist society is social, cultural and educational.

When I subscribed to TD Chronicle I did so under the pretense that it was a real newspaper that served our town in a fair and unbiased manner. After reading this weekend’s op-ed “Focus on future leadership, not Gov. Brown” by Mark Gibson, editor, I would like a full refund of my subscription.

It was unprofessional for Gibson, as a journalist/editor, to print his opinion of Governor Brown.

Congress must pass another spending bill by September 30th. Human rights organizations are calling on Congress to #DefundHate by cutting spending for the US Immigration and Customs en-forcement (ICE) and for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Here’s why.

Would you think that Rep. Greg Walden might have noticed that his enabling of Trump has some…uh…significant downsides? Our democracy is in tatters; we are isolated on the world stage; the climate crisis is worsening, and the economy is highly unstable.

I am extremely overwhelmed and touched by the caring and love this community, friends, family, and former students and their parents have ex-pressed to me with contributions to a Go Fund Me account set up for me by Joey Lick and Megan Twidwell, two of my former students. I was very surprised when I was told about it.

Should FEMA funds be used to build a wall on our southern border?

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