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Thank you Walden

To the editor,

Thank you for printing Congressman Walden’s statement regarding the never-ending sham ‘impeachment.’ I found the statement to be measured, clear, factual, to the point and totally correct.

My statement regarding the insidious three year anti-American ‘impeachment’ waste of time and money efforts by ‘The League of Never-Trumpers’ can be summed up in two words: Hate crimes.

Gary R. VanOrman

The Dalles

Congressional action needed

To the editor,

I’m horrified and irate that Trump ordered the assassination of Gen. Qassim Suleimani, a top commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps. This would be equivalent to a foreign government assassinating our Vice President outside the Toronto airport.

This was NOT a defensive action, and comes at a time of escalating tension with Iran. We need skilled diplomacy with Iran, not an isolated, erratic nut with a trigger. The U.S. Constitution specifically tasks Congress with decisions on war, so where are they?

In recent years, and despite Trump’s thorough incompetence and dangerousness as a leader, Congress has ceded authority over the military to the executive branch.

Congress is a co-equal branch of government that holds tremendous power to check Trump’s recklessness. Congress must step in immediately to rein in Trump’s catastrophic escalation to war with Iran. Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen., Jeff Merkley and Rep. Greg Walden, we need you to clearly and unequivocally state that you condemn this strike and are opposed to war with Iran. Trump has positioned us on the precipice of war, and Congress may be our only hope of stopping it.

Bonnie New

Hood River

No sense of decency?

To the editor,

“Have you no sense of decency?”

These were the brave words spoken by Joseph Welch to Joe McCarthy which finally started the end of his tyranny over Congress and the American people in 1954. Where is our Joseph Welch?

Certainly not Greg Walden or any other Republican that I know of because their sense of decency has long been smothered by their fear of the Trump machine.

Trump ordered the assassination of Gen. Qassim Suleimani last week without a plan, without considering the safety of our troops overseas, without consulting our allies or even the Pentagon! This was the act of an impulsive, fearful, erratic, dangerous man-baby. There was no evidence of any “imminent threat” from Iran or this General. Sound familiar? How about WMDs? A made up reason to tear the middle east apart so a president could flex his muscles. Where did it get us the last time? Oh yes, that’s right..We are still fighting that war after billions of dollars and thousands of lives have been lost.

Start a fight and then blame the other guy for fighting back. That’s the Republican play book. That will be Trump’s reason for attacking Iran, because they fought

back but he’ll say they started it. Just like Bush blamed Iraq for what the Saudis did on 911. Are we that stupid that we’ll fall for it again?

The chicken hawks like Pompeo and Bolton have wanted this war with Iran for decades and they have the perfect fool in the White House to get it going.

Greg Walden’s statement on the killing of Suleimani shows his typical lack of spine and integrity in his failure to call out Trump’s utter lack of diplomacy and planning.

His next job after leaving office this Fall better be worth selling his soul for.

Trump and his Republican enablers pose a greater threat to our safety, way of life, democracy and our position in the world than Iran ever has.

Have you no sense of decency Mr Walden?

Susan Lannak

Hood River

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