Out With the Old

Clean energy now

To the editor,

After Oregon’s Republican senators left their jobs during the last legislative session, instead of working on our clean energy needs, we need ALL of our state representatives ready to show up and produce results on clean energy during the short session beginning Feb. 3.

There is talk already of a possible repeat walkout or other avoidance tactic, despite the urgent need for us as a state to address climate change. Our legislators, ALL of them, need to hear the clear message that we need and expect robust state legislation to address climate change this legislative session.

Our homes, environment, and livelihoods are already threatened. Our children and grandchildren are rightfully fearful for their futures. Further inaction and/or roadblocking in the state legislature is absolutely unacceptable.

Sen. Chuck Thomsen and Rep. Anna Williams, I urge you to commit to passing meaningful legislation this session to fully transition Oregon to a clean energy economy. We need a firm commitment and a firm delivery date, with clear implementation plans and enforceable benchmarks along the way. Nothing less will move us out of the climate crisis we have collectively created.

Laura Dunn

Hood River

Uplifting views

To the editor,

Driving throughout The Dalles the last few weeks have been so uplifting.

Neighborhoods with so many decorations for the holidays; business windows lit up and decorated in various holiday themes; businesses open longer hours; pictures with Santa available at many locations, has all made our town come alive with activity and joy.

To all who made our town more festive during the holiday season the City of The Dalles Beautification committee says thank you and happy new year!

Your efforts build civic pride and make The Dalles a nicer place to live.

The Dalles Beautification committee includes Tiffany Prince, Connie Krummrich, Brenda Coats, Judy Merrill, John Nelson, Bill Lennox and Max Butensky.

Connie Krumrich

The Dalles

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