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Braulio Robledo watched from inside his house Saturday night as a neighbor across the alley began firing rounds from his porch, and then was shot and killed by police.

A man who was shot and killed by a city police officer Saturday, March 16, as he stood on his porch firing a rifle, had been the subject of a number of calls to police in recent weeks.

The death Tuesday, March 5, of a 49-year-old woman found in a camper is under investigation, according to Wasco County District Attorney Eric Nisley.

To the editor: I read the letter “Verbal Attacks” last week and I have concerns about it. I completely agree that senseless deaths are wrong. But the statement that all of these youth fear for their lives going to school each day because of firearms is interesting.

To the editor: Does RaeLynn Ricarte realize that President Obama keeps “harping” (her vulgar term) about gun control because Americans keep dying from gun violence at the current rate of 89 per day. Apparently, gun rights are more important to her than the 12,410 lives lost so far in 2015. Six hundred and forty nine of these deaths being children under the age of 11. Let’s not hurry to celebrate the booming business at Old Mill Bargain Center because there is statistical evidence that increased gun sales result in increased gun deaths. The Chronicle’s “Dialogue” heading asked, “What is behind record gun sales in the US.” The answer is the NRA, spineless politicians and fear.

To the editor: I share the surprise of Andretta Schellinger that the Chronicle, such a friend of our veterans, made no mention of the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor. But I must gently correct the author of the wonderful history of military airplane nose art (From Knights to Skulls: The Cultural Evolution of Nose Artwork) when she writes “The attack on Dec. 7, 1941. was not only the largest single loss of life that the United States military suffered but also the start of the largest war in the modern era.”

BROADWAY AND FILM veteran Duffy Hudson brings Edgar Allan Poe to life in the theatrical performance “In the Shadow of the Raven,” on Poe’s life and works.

MT. HOOD — The Hood River County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of skier Josef Desch, 51, Happy Valley, at Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort. Just after 2 p.m. Friday, county 911 was notified a skier had hit a tree. The incident occurred on the Arena run at the resort.