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Gorge employers were regularly saying they had trouble filling well-paying, good-benefit jobs, even though they didn’t even require a college education. Enter Gorge Works, a new program through the Port of The Dalles that offers paid summer internships and apprenticeship opportunities. It began taking applications for internships in mid-December, and the application period closes Jan. 31.

To the editor: In response to The Dalles Chronicle’s city council endorsement editorial of Oct. 22, I wish to state for the record (once again) that I did not support the termination of Nolan Young’s employment with the city. I was the lone vote in opposition, I did NOT participate in a coordinated effort as implied by the editorial, and I publicly challenged the process leading up to his removal.

To the editor: Dear Wasco County Board of Commissioners: The recent article in The Dalles Chronicle (12/20/14) and your concerns voiced regarding our public health director alarmed me. As a nurse practitioner working in our community, previously at One Community Health, and currently as clinician for the public health district, I have had the utmost respect for the experience, thoughtfulness and problem-solving abilities of our director, Teri Thalhofer.