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Shoppers will see major changes at The Dalles Fred Meyer in the next six months as the company reconfigures the store to maximize grocery space to meet demand. The remodel also creates dozens of new jobs in our area, which is already experiencing a tight labor market, with the unemployment rate for Wasco County hovering around 4 percent according to the state employment department.

Mahlcolm McDonald shares a high five with his son, Rowdy, after a successful Easter egg scramble at Sorosis Park Saturday. Rowdy celebrated his second birthday Easter day.

To the editor: Everybody talks about buying local. Local produce, local dry goods, shop local because that money stays here instead of going elsewhere. The community harvest cooperative grocery (co-op) which has been started here is looking to provide you with locally grown produce as well as other items. When I heard of it I planted more fruit trees so the fruit will go on its shelves and into your home.

To the editor: Comes on folks, this is our town, too. Some of you have been here longer than others, and some like myself and family left but returned to live out our lives here because we loved it and the people.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Dalles home cook Laura Spencer-Whitacre’s Favorite Chocolate Mousse recipe has been awarded a blue ribbon at Just A Pinch Recipes, a recipe and coupon social network for home cooks at

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