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In November, educators and school children got a champion. The homeless got an advocate and environmentalists got a steward. But perhaps the people most happy with Gov. Kate Brown’s re-election reside in Oregon’s union shops.

I have never worked for a union shop, but several members of my family have, both in the public sector, which includes the most prominent unions today, and the private sector, where union membership, representing only 7 percent of America's workforce, is at its lowest level since the 1930s. In the private sector, it's hard to sympathize with, for example, the dock workers currently battling shipping companies at the Port of Portland.

Bill Wolfe, a retired 37-year firefighter who defeated an incumbent to get on the Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue board in 2013, resigned last month, saying his participation had been “contentious and ineffective.”

Oregonians may not have been aware of it, but they put nearly $2 million toward lobbying the Legislature this year. In fact, of the top 10 legislative lobbying efforts, eight were financed either