Riverside gymnasts are bound for state

Riverside Gymnastic’s level 4 team crowds together in a united front at the Last Chance meet in Tigard. The team brought home a first place trophy from the meet. In the photo are, pictured from left to right, back row, Ava Krentz, Bailey Jenkinson, Hope Pipkin, Hailey Birch, Gabbe Haskins and Saige Brennan. In the front row are, from left, Sydney Stanley and Marissa Baldy. Contributed photo

As state approaches, the mood at Riverside seems to be grins and plenty of grit.

“Wish me luck!” Bailey Jenkinson said with a big smile.

“I don’t want to fall on anything,” teammate Marissa Baldy declared. “I’m going to work really hard.”

Jenkinson and Baldy join fellow gymnasts in training for the landmark meet of the season.

Their dedicated coaching staff has been busy priming them for success.

According to Coach Kara Haskins, “We’ll be perfecting what they already know and working out any last minute nerves.”

Based on the numbers, Riverside gymnasts “already know” quite a bit—every single athlete on the 29-member team qualified for state.

For levels 4 and 5, that meant an all-around score of 32.0 or higher, while level 3’s must score at least a 33.0.

This commendable achievement was one of many attained by the team this spring, including stand-out performances at the recent meet in Tigard on April 9th.

Level 3 took their place among the best at the meet, coming in third, and level 4 rose above the competition to earn a first place trophy.

“I’m so proud of all these girls,” Coach Haskins said. “They’ve worked very hard to get here, and taking first place is not only an indication that they’re as ready as they can be for state, but that they also know what it means to work together as a team.”

The lesson was well-learned by Gabbe Haskins, whose 9.1 on bars helped her team claim the victory.

“It made me feel needed, actually,” Haskins said.

Other team members contributed as well. An astounding half the team scored their highest all-arounds of the season at the meet.

Included among those with personal-bests were Sydney Stanley and Hope Pipkin.

“I got my best score so far, and my first nine on beam,” Stanley said.

“The most exciting thing was that I stayed on beam, and scored a nine,” Pipkin added.

And with scores in the 9’s on every event and an astounding 37.225 all-around, Hailey Birch climbed to the top of the podium in her age group.

Teammate Saige Brennan followed close behind, coming in second with a 37.175—and wowed Coach Candy Smith with her performance.

“This is only her third meet as a level 4,” Coach Smith said, “and she walked away with two first places, two second places, and a third. Pretty incredible!”

For some of the gymnasts, looking back over the season—and ahead to state—could seem daunting.

One such gymnast was Ava Krentz.

“I’m hoping to compete all my events at state,” Krentz said. “I want to get my floor routine back, with everything in it. It will only be my third meet this season because my back has been hurting.”

Undoubtedly, Riverside has had obstacles to overcome.

But the coaches seem optimistic going forward.

“I’m having so much fun coaching this ambitious group of girls, and look forward to seeing their accomplishments at state,” Coach Stacey Jenkinson said.

Coach Haskins exclaimed, “Go get ’em Riverside!”

Riverside Gymnastics is a nonprofit with recreational and competitive programs for boys and girls.

For more information on the club or to join up, go to www.riverside-gym.org or call 541-993-8625 or visit the gym at 2221 River Road, The Dalles.

Riverside Gymnastics Team Results

Last Chance Meet

Tigard, Oregon, April 9, 2016

Level 3

Acasia Vann: vault- 8.95, 6th; bars- 7.9; beam- 8.75, 5th; floor- 7.45; All Around- 33.05

Aurora Baker: vault- 8.625; bars- 9.2; beam- 8.725; floor- 7.9; All Around- 34.5

Bailey Holycross: vault- 8.8; bars- 8.65; beam- 8.6; floor- 8; All Around- 34.05

Brooke Awmiller: vault- 8.95, 6th; bars- 9.025, 5th; beam- 8.2; floor- 8.85, 6th; All Around- 35.025, 6th

Dylan Vaivoda: vault- 9.15, 7th; bars- 9.575, 2nd; beam- 9.45, 1st; floor- 8.8, 8th; All Around- 36.975, 3rd

Ellie Rinella: vault- 8.75; bars- 9.425, 4th; beam- 7.475; floor- 9.35, 1st; All Around- 35

Emily Liberidhs: vault- 8.9; bars- 8.95; beam- 8.475; floor- 8.9, 6th; All Around- 35.225

Emma Wolf: vault- 8.8; bars- 8.65; beam- 8.5; floor- 8.25; All Around- 34.2

Finley Jenkinson: vault- 9.2, 3rd; bars- 9.1, 3rd; beam- 8.8, 4th; floor- 8.325, 2nd; All Around- 36.425, 3rd

Gigi Hiser: vault- 9.1; bars- 9.575, 1st; beam- 9.15, 3rd; floor- 8.65; All Around- 36.475, 6th

Hannah Adams: vault- 9.5, 2nd; bars- 9.175, 7th; beam- 8.65; floor- 8.9, 8th; All Around- 36.225, 6th

Mia Byers: vault- 8.875; bars- 9.2, 8th; beam- 8.9, 6th; floor- 8.675; All Around- 35.65

Sahale Pfriem: vault- 9.125; bars- 9, 8th; beam- 8.35; floor- 8.5; All Around- 34.975

Sydney Krentz: vault- 9.3, 5th; bars- 9.225, 7th; beam- 9.275, 4th; floor- 9.1, 4th; All Around- 36.9, 4th

Taylor Armstrong: vault- 9.275, 6th; bars- 8.85; beam- 7.65; floor- 7.825 ; All Around- 33.6

Victoria Lee-Valkov: vault- 8.95; bars- 9.475, 3rd; beam- 8.9, 6th; floor- 9.05, 5th; All Around- 36.375, 5th

Level 4

Ava Krentz: vault- 8.45; bars- 8.65, 4th; beam- 9.05, 4th

Gabbe Haskins: vault- 8.8, 2nd; bars- 9.1, 2nd; beam- 8.8; floor- 9.05, 4th; All Around- 35.75, 4th

Hailey Birch: vault- 9.15, 1st; bars- 9.3, 2nd; beam- 9.3, 2nd; floor- 9.475, 1st; All Around- 37.225, 1st

Hope Pipkin: vault- 8.35; bars- 8.525, 5th; beam- 9, 5th; floor- 8.75, 6th; All Around- 34.625, 6th

Marissa Baldy: vault- 8.325, 3rd; bars- 8.85, 2nd; beam- 8.9, 5th; floor- 9.25, 1st; All Around- 35.325, 2nd

Saige Brennan: vault- 8.35, 3rd; bars- 9.425, 1st; 9.45, 1st; floor- 9.45, 2nd; All Around- 37.175, 2nd

Sydney Stanley: vault- 7.75; bars- 8.5, 4th; beam- 9, 4th; floor- 8.175; All Around- 33.425, 4th

Willow Jenkinson: vault- 8.95, 1st; bars- 8.875, 4th; beam- 9, 6th; floor- 9.025, 4th; All Around- 35.85, 3rd

Level 5

Abby Beal: vault- 9.4, 2nd; bars- 7.3; beam- 8.825, 5th; floor- 7.875; All Around- 33.4

Daisy Morales: vault- 8.55; bars- 8.55, 4th; beam- 8.6, 4th; floor- 8.6; All Around- 34.3, 3rd

McKailla Tyler: vault- 8.925, 7th; bars- 8.6, 3rd; beam- 7; floor- 8.325; All Around- 32.8, 5th

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