Ethan Martin, of The Dalles ski team, had a final time of 2:20.35 to secure 21st place in varsity slalom ski action last weekend on the Middlefork Course at Mount Hood Meadows. Louis Red Cloud finished ninth with his 1:54.23 and Rowan Simpson hit for 23rd place with a time of 2:23.54. Petra Van Kessel-Ervin led the girls, as she placed 12th in 2:04.47.

In their second-to-last ski event of the season, The Dalles skiers made some gains on the Middlefork Course last Saturday at Mount Hood Meadows, with Louis Red Cloud and Petra Van Kessel-Ervin shining bright in their slalom finale.

Red Cloud had runs of 55.42 and 58.81 seconds to post a ninth-place time of 1:54.23, and Van Kessel-Ervin had a 1:03.05 and a 1:01.42 for a career-best 2:04.47, to take home 12th place in the girls’ field of 32.

“Louis was very conservative through the course, but still ended up with a solid finish,” TD head coach Dane Klindt said. “Petra was amazing. She skied the best slalom I have ever seen.”

Along with Red Cloud, out of Dufur, Ethan Martin started out with a 1:09.90 and timed out in 1:10.35 to notch his 2:20.35, 42.86 seconds off the pace, in 21st place.

Rowan Simpson placed 23rd out of 36, as he tallied a 1:11.83 and a 1:11.71, which totaled 2:23.54.

“Ethan stepped up and showed everyone he has the skills of a true slalom skier,” Klindt said. “Rowan has had a great learning year in slalom, and I am glad to watch him improve in slalom racing.”

Hood River Valley finished 1-2-3 in the boys individual standings, led by Nash Levy, who posted a 1:37.39.

Chris McElwee secured second place (1:41.06) and Ezra Johnsen (1:43.35) wound up in third place.

With those marks, Hood River Valley captured first place with its combined 5:01.80, 36.96 ticks better than Cleveland (5:38.76).

Sandy (5:51.73), Grant (5:59.0) and The Dalles (6:38.02) made up the rest of the standings.

The Dalles had all three participants turn in two-run times for a 6:46.69 to score fifth place.

Hood River Valley (5:03.73), St. Mary’s Academy (5:45.84), Sandy (5:52.62), Grant (5:55.11) and The Dalles (6:46.69) represented the girls’ order of finish.

After Van Kessel-Ervin, Hannah Biehn posted marks of 1:05.82 and 1:08.58 to get her total to 2:14.40 and 20th place overall.

Ashley Quisenberry was right behind her in 24th place, as she rattled off a 1:13.20 and added a 1:14.62 to get her final tally of 2:27.82.

“Hannah stepped up to show that she will be a force for the next two years,” Klindt said. “Ashley has done nothing but improve this year, which was really nice to see.”

Josie Peterson rose to the top once again to lead the HRV girls with her blazing time of 1:36.67, and Erica Anderson notched second place after a two-run final rally of 1:38.39.

In all, HRV had all six of its competitors chalk up top-9 awards with times of less than two minutes.

TD’s junior varsity quartet of Lucy Booth, Henry Perez, Paul Capek and Cooper Klindt hit the slopes, but only Perez and Booth were able to finish up two complete runs.

Booth had a fourth-place opening run of 1:07.65 and capped her day with a 1:06.11 to lock down third-place honors, just 11.49 seconds behind HRV’s Reed Mamuska (2:02.27).

Perez put forth a 1:29.66 on his first attempt and he ended up hitting a second-run marker of 1:41.71 for a 3:11.37 to snag 14th place in the field of 21.

Benson’s Sam Kersgaard won the boys junior varsity race after putting up a two-run time of 2:16.21.

“Lucy had a great day with two solid runs. She just continues to impress,” Klindt said. “Henry showed his consistency and did great. Cooper Klindt wrecked on his first run and was unable to make a second. All-in-all, it turned out to be a great day. All the kids skied well.”

The Dalles had a bye this weekend and has its regular-season finale the following week with a 10 a.m. start on Saturday, Mar. 2, a giant slalom race, at Ski Bowl.

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