Car versus Motorcycle

A 38-year-old male motorcyclist from The Dalles is tended to by ambulance crews after being struck by another vehicle that was turning left into the Autozone parking lot Wednesday afternoon on West Second Street.

Two crashes back-to-back late Wednesday morning included a car vs. motorcycle crash near Autozone on West Second and earlier, a car struck two parked cars on Old Dufur Road and hit a retaining wall.

In the crash on West Second, which took place near Autozone at around 11:30 a.m., a 38-year-old male on a motorcycle was driving westbound at about 35 mph, the speed limit, when an eastbound Ford Probe turned left into the Autozone parking lot, hitting the motorcyclist on his left side, said The Dalles Police Traffic Safety Officer Jeff Kienlen.

The 17-year-old male driver of the Ford Probe was cited for dangerous left turn. The 17-year-old is from Appleton and the motorcycle driver, who was taken to Mid-Columbia Medical Center by ambulance with visible injuries to his legs and left elbow, is from The Dalles, Kienlen said.

The 17-year-old had insurance and both drivers have valid licenses, he said.

On the other end of town, at about 10:40 a.m., an 89-year-old woman from Dufur was westbound in the 2500 block of Old Dufur Road when her vehicle left its lane for about 123 feet before hitting the first parked car, which was shoved into another parked car. After that impact, the vehicle travelled 54 feet before it came to rest against a low retaining wall, Kienlen said.

The woman said she was not injured and declined an ambulance, but a family member later took her to the emergency room to get checked out, Kienlen said.

The woman was on her way to her annual doctors’ checkup and she told police she began feeling dizzy and then must have blacked out “because the next thing she knew her car was in it’s final resting point and she didn’t know what happened,” Kienlen said.

He said the woman was not given a ticket but he would be putting her in for a re-test for her driver’s license.

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