Michael Jay Fargher, ROH

Michael Jay Fargher, ROH

Michael "Mike" Fargher was born and raised in The Dalles, Ore., he raised "his boys" in The Dalles and always loved his hometown.

Michael was the son of "Bo Fargher" and Bernice. Everyone loved Bea and knew that Bo was a force to be reckoned with.  Michael grew up loving his sometimes crib mate, Grace Buckles, with his whole heart and his sister Colleen. He played baseball and football and everything else that came his way and best of all, ran around with all the kids in the neighborhood, staying over at "Walts House"... those where the days.  

Michael was a day dreamer in school and when given a chance always tried to make life better for everyone, like getting the school to let the girls wear pants if they wanted, being the President of the Anti-Litter Club "that's where the girls were" and playing bass in "the band."

Michael was very involved in sports in school and travelling on weekends with the band.

When Michael graduated in 1968, he was taken right to the military and his life changed from what it might have been, as many lives were.

While in the Navy, Michael sang with the Blue Jackets Choir in San Diego before shipping out,  and was a Door Gunner with HAL3 Det2 and Det8 NAVY SEAWOLVES   

Michael returned in 1970, one of the lucky ones, very highly decorated and grateful to be home.  

After a few years of kicking around, Michael started his life again, andmarried Diane Harris and soon they had two beautiful boys, Shane Michael and Cody Bo.

After 19 years of working with Bonneville Power and Michael taking his boys, and lots of others, all over the countryside to wrestling, baseball and football tournaments, the kids grew up and made lives for themselves with two lovely wives, Molly and Vera and grandchildren, Forrest Keef Fargher, Ayva Iris Fargher and Adalyn Rayne Fargher.  

Michael also has two grandchildren by Fargher love, Mackenzie and Benny.   

After many years Michael found his wife Jeanie in 2000 and they married in 2005 on Salt Spring Island. Jeanies family welcomed Michael with open arms and enjoyed his kindness and humour and always thought of him as part of the family.

Michael became a permanent resident of Canada in 2006 and lived his last years northwest of Calgary, Alberta, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on his little piece of land.

In the last 23 years Michael did some travelling all over the United States, including Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala and the Gulf Islands and as often as possible returning to Oregon to see his family.  

Michael is predeceased by his mom and dad and his sister, Colleen.  

There will be a "Celebration of Michael’s Life" at The Eagles Lodge, in The Dalles, Oregon, on Saturday, May 18, 2019. starting at 4 p.m.

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