Telling the Truth

To the editor,

Donald Trump called Jerry Nadler, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, a “sleaze ball.”

But Rep. Nadler has not been seen mocking someone with a disability on national TV; he does not have a reputation as a bully and a name-caller.

There are no claims he has told over 16,000 lies in the past three years.

43 women have not accused him of inappropriate behavior, including rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment; and he has not bragged that he can do anything he wants to women because he is a celebrity.

Rep. Nadler has not said he knows more than our military generals or called them “losers” and “a bunch of dopes and babies.”

He did not insult the military service of Sen. John McCain, a decorated veteran and POW; nor did he belittle the parents of a Muslim-American soldier  killed while serving in the army.

Mr. Nadler doesn’t call himself “a very stable genius” and he isn’t regarded by countless mental health professionals and others as a dangerous, malignant narcissist who is unfit for office.

He does not admire authoritarian rulers or take the word of Vladimir Putin over that of 17 of his own intelligence agencies.

Half of the American people do not think Nadler is a racist.

His leadership has not been referred to as “the collision of incompetence and cruelty.”

And he is not on trial for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors, abuse of power and the obstruction of justice.

No—Jerry Nadler has never said or done or been accused of any of these things.

That would be Donald Trump.

Connie Krummrich

The Dalles

Expecting best efforts

To the editor,

Oregon’s upcoming session is only for a month, and there’s a great deal to be done, including negotiating proposed legislation for things like funding for police and wildfire protection. I absolutely expect every one of our senators, including my own Sen. Chuck Thomsen, to spend that entire month in Salem, working with their colleagues and making their best efforts to do the job for which they were elected.

Last year, several senators left the state during the legislative session to prevent a vote on a climate change proposal, a subject near and dear to many Oregon residents. This subject is once again on the table to be discussed, and it is being insinuated that another walk out is possible, though a newly elected House Republican Leader Christine Drazan stated (according to an OPB article published on Jan. 17) that a walkout would be a “breakdown of the process”... though she didn’t rule it out.

That... just won’t do.

Nikkita Paulson

Hood River

City proposal questioned

To the editor,

In The Dalles Chronicle’s public notices for Jan. 22, 2020, there was a Notice of Measure and Receipt of Ballot Title from the City of The Dalles. Buried among all the reasons for the measure (change in state law, the way the city is administered and others) were two interesting items.

The first said that the councilors and mayor could be paid. I have no problem with this as they spend a lot of time on city business. However, to avoid lavish reimbursements, they might decide to use the state minimum hourly pay to determine reimbursement for hours spent on city business.

However, I have a problem with the second item, which does away with the current method of electing the council. At present, the mayor, and one councilor are elected ‘at large,’ while the other four councilor’s represent specific geographical areas of the city. Changing to all members being ‘At Large’ could lead to a council representing a small geographic area to the detriment of the rest of the city.

I assume, prior to the May election, there will be reasons put forth for this change. I look forward to seeing who supports this proposal.

Ted Bryant

The Dalles

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